Sail Out Base Frame BorWin beta

SeaRenergy has successfully accomplished the tow of the BorWin beta baseframe. The tow started in Wismar and had to pass Skaagen. Due to the dimensions of the baseframe the passage through the NOK was not possible.

The first destination of the tow after passing Skagen was Wilhemshaven. Here, some last fit outs had been made before the tow left to the final destination in the North Sea.

Besides this tow, SeaRenergy is responsible for planning and execution of the entire transport and installation concept of BorWin beta which includes the towing manual as well as the design and fabrication of the towing gear and the selection and coordination of the marine spread.

The Baseframe of the Offshore Substation BorWin beta has been build on the semi-submersible barge EIDE 33. It has a total weight of 2,750 tons and dimensions of 52x52x65 meters.

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