Installation of Baseframe BorWin accomplished

SeaRenergy has successfully accomplished the installation of the BorWin baseframe.

The baseframe has been lifted off the Eide Barge and set on the seabed. After position and verticality had been measured and confirmed the crane vessel released the unit.

For the piling of the six piles, the cofferdam technology had been choosen to reduce the water borne noise. Besides the great advantages in regard to noise mitigation this technology enabled us to deploy a pile guidance system which was included in the unit.

SeaRenergy planned this operation and developed the t&i manual for the BSH3 approval. In addition SeaRenergy was responsible for the project management and design of the lifting gear as well as the coordination of the marine operations.

The Baseframe of the Offshore Substation BorWin has been build on the semi-submersible barge EIDE 33. It has a total weight of 2,750 tons and dimensions of 52x52x65 meters.

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